Success Stories

Scaling Momentum: Unleashing CAC Efficiency

Grew an online Luxury Travel platform from pre-launch to $10M+ in monthly bookings in under 2 years through expanding paid digital media channels. 80%+ of the platform’s total travel advisor community is attributed to paid media. We have achieved or exceeded all CAC-payback targets We have exponentially grown the business both sustainability and profitably, achieving or exceeding all CAC targets.


Channel-Driven Consulting: Powering Growth Strategies

The Deodato team has been strategic growth partners and digital marketing channel owners with Getaway since 2020, helping the brand expand locations by 4x, drive new customer growth of 8x, and build out various digital marketing channels and best practices over that time span. The client has retained our services and utilized our flexible skill set/approach over that time. In 2023, the relationship has grown to become the AOR across Meta Ads, Paid Search, TikTok Ads, radio/podcast, OOH, YouTube, and as “outsourced head of growth”, weighing in on marketing calendar, landing page, and promotional decisions.


Customer Growth Journey: Our Impact on Going Public

In 2019 MYXfitness and Deodato partnered to develop a sustainable growth program that would take them public. The Deodato team launched and grew a bevy of advertising channels including Meta, Google, YouTube, Programmatic Display, Pinterest, TikTok, and Affiliate. With a creative-first approach, robust influencer program, and data-focused channel mix we scaled orders and revenue by 7x in three years. The rapid growth and strong brand presence were quickly recognized in the home exercise vertical, leading to a merger + IPO in 2022.


Full Funnel Sales: Driving Amazon Growth

Ladder, a supplement company co-founded by LeBron James, sells performance workout supplements via their ecomm site and Amazon. To spur growth across both sales channels the Deodato team developed a full funnel integrated marketing strategy, cross-channel promotional calendar, and overhauled their creative direction. Within just 9 months of implementing these new strategies across Meta, Google Search, YouTube, and Amazon, sales grew >75% while keeping AOV and cost per order steady.


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